William Fairbrother / Alberto Ruiz Soler


Alpha is part of ‘FALSEOBJECT’, an ongoing project investigating space and its constituent parts. This particular film interrogates Ian Hodder’s concept of entanglement – that any artefact or body in space is thickly enmeshed with its environment, constantly defining and being defined by it through all manner of social and material exchanges. It was originally accompanied by a soundtrack composed by sound artist Alberto Ruiz Soler which was performed live at a screening in Beijing. Created in Beijing, this film is also an articulation of the artists’ experiences as strangers in a foreign country.

Opening: 29 June 2019 – 22h
Open doors screening sessions:
22 and 29 July – 22h-23h
24 and 31 July – 21h-22h
Alpha (2017)
Video, 19 minutes